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Monday, October 8, 2018

The Beginning of Dreams, The Beginning of Our Story

Dear Everyone,

I have wanted to be an author for over ten years, and finally, I have finished my first book. 

Dreams the Heart Remembers is the story of a young man named Jacob Crawding, who has a gift that enables him to enter other peoples’ dreams. After losing his parents, Jacob moves to Hays, Washington, where he lives with his Uncle Rick. He meets a girl named Emily, but doesn’t understand why she moved to Hays so urgently. They grow closer with time, until Emily is hospitalized. Jacob is challenged by a mysterious girl in his repetitive dream to explore the minds of others, this leads to him getting trapped inside the dream world. Jacob must figure out how to get back to the real world, but first he must find himself. The story is currently retold by Judith Brown PsyD, as I spent months converting this story from first person to third person. She may be cut in the final form of the book.  

I have over a dozen other books that I plan on writing and publishing in my lifetime. Dreams is only the beginning of my journey. I’m looking for someone who wants to invest in me and my dreams. I want to reach out to as many people as I can to get my first book published and introduce all of you to the worlds I have created. If you want to know more message me or comment below.

I’m so appreciative of all the support that I have, and so I have chosen to include the first part of my book. I want to get as many honest opinions as possible. Do you want to keep reading? Would you or someone you know be interested in this book? Are you ready to enter my mind and go on some new adventures with me?

I’m ready for you to join me in this effort. Together we will thrive.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy the beginning of Dreams the Heart Remembers.

Unfortunate Soul
“As the poet has said there is another world, but it isn’t somewhere else, it is right here. This is the place that some call the dream world and others a spiritual limbo is the only place where all alternate realities come together as a singular reality. Where past, present, and future are the same. You aren’t supposed to be here, Jacob. You need to get out. You cannot stay here for much longer.”
“It came every night, that simple, old dream. Each time I saw it, I couldn’t stop it from happening. It began with a young woman sitting in the living room of my childhood home, all alone. Shortly thereafter, a man would barge in and run into the bedroom down the hall. The woman would get up, walk down the hall, and open the door. He would scream, and BAM he would vanish. It was uncertain to me for the longest time if he would ever return, because after he would disappear, I would wake-up and never see the rest of the story,” the old man began in our first session together. 

Jacob Crawding was born in the small Californian city of Fallen, to very kind and wealthy parents. But, due to events of the past, had been forced to move to the tiny town of Hays, Washington with his Uncle Rick. Although Jacob enjoyed his life in Hays, he has experienced many unbelievable things and seen strange worlds and creatures. Mr. Crawding would seem to most as an ordinary, normal person, but there was one part of him that most people could never understand. A part that most of mankind would love to have, others would fear to receive, and what some people, like myself, spend their whole lives trying to figure out.

My name is Dr. Judith Brown. I met Mr. Crawding many years ago. We became good friends near the end of his physical life. He was a happy man, but his face showed signs of many trials in his life. After a few years, he came to me and said, “Judith, I want to meet with you in a few counselling sessions. I want to tell you my story.” As per his permission, we recorded his life so that I could one day share it with you. I will include a number of transcriptions from Mr. Crawding himself, but will spend the majority of the time writing the story the way it was told to me. Jacob Crawding was a good man, and his story deserves to be heard. 

As a result of his reoccurring dream, his mind obtained a power that enabled him to enter into the minds of living people and even non-human lifeforms. Although he had this ability since his youth, he didn’t fully understand how to use it. As a young man, he hoped for opportunities to learn how to use his gift to the benefit of others. “I am not what you would call a mind reader,” he pointed out, “for I can only enter into people’s minds while they are sleeping. I am physically transferred into the realm of dreams, the alternate realities that surround us in space and time.”

I found it quite hard to believe at first, I mean, in all my years as a psychologist, I had never met someone who had any kind of super-natural ability. However, after much analysis and testing I found that Jacob was being honest; he did in fact become involved in dreams and fantasies. As if by magic, he physically entered people’s minds and was able to hear and see things that walked and moved in the covert minds of those sleeping beings. This book is the product of when Mr. Crawding decided to tell the world about his gift, which wasn’t until the end of his life. Mr. Crawding stated, “Some people are born with gifts, others receive talents over time, but for some reason, I obtained my gift in a dream. It entered into my mind in one, single night with no rules, no limitations, and no explanation for how it should be used.”

He obtained this gift during his childhood, sometime in the third grade. He had a puzzling dream about a young woman and man who disappears. Ever since that first night, he found himself with a great desire to wander into the minds of others. This desire encouraged Jacob to search for the meaning behind the unexplainable dream he had. Never, at the time, could he have guessed what was going to happen to him because of this ability. However, as it turns out, when you live with a special gift, your life just works out differently than most people. Usually, in my sessions, I am the counselor, but in the case of Mr. Crawding, I was taught more than I ever imagined possible about the human subconscious. Below, in Mr. Crawding’s words, is his dream and the beginning of his story. 

“This is what the original dream was like. It was an overcast day, but there was just enough light to break through the windows of the couple’s two-story house. A brunette woman was sitting in the living room restlessly tapping her right foot. I didn’t understand why she was so anxious, so I watched and waited in the back corner of the room by the window. Suddenly, a car roared into the driveway and a man appeared. He ran into the house, escaped to the bedroom down the hall, and slammed the door. If you’ve ever been in a room with a fighting couple, you’ll understand how I was feeling. The woman sat still for a few minutes, her incessant tapping paused. Then she stood up, to walk to the door of the room where the man stowed away. My initial assumption was that he had a bad day at work, but I later learned that there was another issue. She approached the door, quietly turned the handle. The scene faded. Now, I was in the room with the man, as he stared at the door. Even in a dream inside my own head, I didn’t seem to have control over my physical location. He was breathing heavily. The door squeaked, her hand grasping the side of the door as it opened. “Go way! I can’t see you right now!” the man yelled. She entered the room completely, reaching to touch him. In the slightest bit of an instant, the man vanished from the room.”

About once a month since the third grade, Jacob would have this dream, and every time, it would end exactly the same. After the man vanished, Jacob would wake up. It was because of this dream that he received his power, a gift that would contain the ability to change the destinies of time. But Jacob wouldn’t understand this for many years to come. In fact, he barely even understood his gift until his late teenage years. 
Getting to Know Mr. Crawding

“After the traumatic years of my childhood, I graduated from high school and desired to discover the full purpose of my gift. I will admit, had I known what this pursuit was going to entail, I may have avoided it, but I grew more and more curious every year I postponed using my gift. I will admit, I thought I could change the world someday. In my naïve eighteen-year-old self, I thought I had this undiscovered superpower that could better mankind. Plus, I believed myself to be a very attractive young man, and mostly all superheroes were attractive.”

Mr. Crawding went off on a tangent, in which he assured that his hair was dark-brown back and always perfectly trimmed. He had pure, deep-sea blue eyes, even when I knew him in his old age. He said his eyes stayed young because they were what granted him his gift. He truly was a dreamer and chose to follow his dreams. Of all his traits, a willingness to think of others before himself was the most admirable to me. 

“My young body could endure most physical activities,” he continued, “I wasn’t too tall, and I was prepared for almost any trial that could come my way. Overtime, I learned that it was not just about physical readiness, but that my heart and mind needed to be prepared emotionally for the challenges I would face following my graduation. I was adored by many in that small town of Hays, and many of them felt that I was a key to success in getting their small town on the map.”

After all those years of having his gift, graduation inspired Jacob to decide to start using his gift to solve mystery of his dream: find out how to help the woman in the dream. Better yet, to help find the man and why he disappeared every time. Not many weeks after graduation, Jacob had that fateful dream again. Except this time, it was different. Well, it began the same, but after the man vanished, Jacob didn’t wake up. This time, he remained asleep for a short period longer and watched as the woman fell to the floor in the same spot the man was. As her eyes filled with tears, she spoke. This was the first time Jacob heard her voice. 

“She had the most sincere and beautiful voice imaginable. It was almost as if she was some kind of angel. Then she said, as if she knew I was in the room with her, ‘Where has he gone? Why have the minds of men kept him trapped from me? You can find him. You must find him. It is your destiny.’”

The First Encounter

Partway through our sessions, Mr. Crawding began to open up more emotionally about his life. He was a man of many secrets, and it took all my skills to encourage him to tell me the full extent of his life. 

“Almost instantly the reoccurring dream presented an issue. My mind was taken back to a time when I was twelve. It was more-or-less a bittersweet day. I had received the opportunity to take the day off from school, which is every kids’ dream, but I had to visit the dentist during the same day. Although the experience was sickening, the day off from school helped me feel a lot better about the rest of the day. As I sat in the waiting room, trying to ignore the high-pitched whistling of drills by staring at the fish tank, I noticed an old man sitting across the room from me. He was obviously there with someone who had already gone inside, because he was in a deep sleep.

“I looked closely at the silent man; his old face, aged with wisdom, appeared content as his thoughts walked through his dream world. The most I knew about my gift, at this time, was that I could enter into people’s minds while they were asleep by staring at their eyelids. In fact, I never perfected this way of entering into peoples’ minds because it always worked. At this time, it was strongly against my nature to enter into a stranger’s private mind. I’d only ever practiced on Uncle Rick when he was sleeping once. What I saw I won’t repeat, but it made me very wary of what could be in other people’s minds. I thought for a few minutes until I started to feel more comfortable with the idea of entering into the old man’s mind. Even if for just a second. I concentrated, stared forcefully at the man’s face, gazed deeply into his eyelids, and entered into his dream world. The dream was a little blurry, as if I wasn’t fully engaged in the dream world. What an odd man, I thought. His dream was rather interesting. I was standing in an endless meadow of flowers with a variety of creatures running and bounding around in it. In the distance was a large willow tree, and beside it the tree was a tall, broad-shouldered silhouette of a man. The shadowed looked familiar, as if I knew the man that stood over there. Then, all of a sudden, I heard, ‘Jacob Crawding?’”

“The dental assistant had called my name to go in and see the doctor, making me lose my focus. I hadn’t fully entered into the man’s mind, and still existed in the physical world. At the time, I didn’t even know that my whole body could get sucked into the dream world. I nodded at the assistant and observed that the old man was still dreaming away. Although I wasn’t able to further explore the man’s dream, what I did see became a faded memory in my mind. I figured that if I could somehow use my gift to find the young woman’s man, then maybe I could further understand my purpose and the purpose of my unique ability.”

Jacob thought about the young woman’s words for a matter of weeks and concluded that he was going to help her. Ever since graduation, life was an open road, and he was ready to take on the world. Since it always appeared to him that the dream was a call to action and a part of his destiny, he felt it was his right to fulfill it. According to the woman, the man was trapped in the “minds of men.” Jacob wasn’t sure what that meant, nor was he sure about the consequences of his decision to follow a dream, but deep down he knew he would soon find out. 

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