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Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Pooh Epic

“To think or not to think?!” exclaimed Pooh,

crossing a wooden bridge over a stream.

With nothing in particular to do 

and nothing in particular to think,

Pooh finds his friend, a donkey. Woah is he

depressed. Sitting in his gloomy spot

with nothing but an old-tattered, bent tree.

An orange and black striped creature lurked within

a bush. T’was Eeyore’s hardest part o’day.

Tigger, that mean and always bouncing fiend.

Heroically Pooh leaped to the rescue.

“Get back! You awful forsaken kitten!”

He drew his sword to rip Tigger thread from thread.

“Pooh, it is me, Tigger, your longest friend.”

“Oh bother,” quoth he, “forgot where I was.”

Pooh went back home to think and think some more.

Greater dangers lurked within Hundred Acre Woods,

dark powers, magic, sorcery, beyond!

No imagination left could save Pooh

from the battle destiny had in store.

He needs his friends to aid this noble quest.

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