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Monday, October 8, 2018

A Mysterious Beeping Sound

I often listen to the radio on the way home from work. I used to listen to the same station over and over, but lately I decided to try something new. Every time I get in the car, I hit the scan button and am taken to a random station. It’s always been fun to hear new types of music and shows once passing through the static. Then, the other day, something came across the radio that I was sure did not exist.

I followed the same procedure as I did every day. The scanner passed through some static stations and ended on a working one. The other day, it landed on 84.7. I waited for the music to start, or a show to begin, but there was nothing. Not a single sound. Just pure silence. I just figured it was an empty channel and reached forward to hit the scan button again, but then there was a sudden beeping. Not a long beep just a quick on and off. Then it beeped again, and again. After the third beep there was a long pause. Intrigued, I continued listening. The beeps returned. Three equally spaced apart, followed by a long pause. I turned up the volume, but it didn’t affect the intensity of the beeping. It wasn’t until I pulled out of the parking lot that the beep got slightly louder.

I had a theory. Maybe this was some sort of S.O.S. or something. The beeps seemed to be in sync with what seemed like a code for “Save our Ship.” To test this theory, I turned around and went back into the parking lot, heading the opposite direction of the beeping sound. The beeping got quieter. Somehow this beeping signal was able to detect my location, and would only get louder as I got closer to the source. I quickly turned around again and started playing a game of warmer or colder. Anytime I made a wrong turn the beeping would get quieter and louder for every correct turn.

After about 20 minutes of finding my way, I came upon a street that traveled west for what looked like forever. I drove west for a few miles, the beeping getting louder and louder as I went. Then suddenly, about six miles in, the beeping started to soften. I had passed the sourced somewhere along the road. I was overwhelmed with curiosity, but my heart started to suggest that I was nervous. Nonetheless, I carried on. I found a spot in the middle of the road where the signal was strongest and turned left into a dirt field.

I started thinking about all of the wonderful things that could be hiding at the end of this invisible rainbow. The sound increased, and I assumed I was super close. The terrain was getting pretty rough for my car to handle, so I got out and walked. With no radio to reference for location, I simply walked straight from the front of my car and hoped that I would be led to the beeping’s source.

I came upon a small hill, and climbed to the top. Then, there on the other side was the unthinkable, the unimaginable, the scariest thing I’ve ever seem in my entire life. A ship. It looked like someone’s yacht and an UFO had a baby. The sides were sleek and silver. The front of this small alien cruise ship was incredibly damaged, like when the Titanic struck an iceberg and sank into the ocean, only this was a space ship and it likely crashed into an asteroid.

Part of me didn’t dare approach. I should call the cops? It’s more than likely that the authorities at AREA 51 were already on their way, so what good would calling the police do? However, my curiosity overtook my fear, and I approached the ship.

“Hello? Anybody here?” I said, rather foolishly.

I didn’t get a response.

I climbed into the sideways ship searching for any signs of life. Then, I found the cockpit. There was someone, or something rather, sitting in the pilot’s chair. I got in closer, carefully checking behind me for any other survivors. The pilot was motionless, and it was hard for me to get a good look at the creature because of the thick suit and large helmet. I carefully pulled off its helmet.

I don’t know what I expected to find. Part of me was hoping to see a green scaly face from a sci-fi movie, or some sort of tentacles, but nope. Instead, underneath that helmet was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life! If she was alien, I couldn’t tell and I didn’t care. 

I carefully unbuckled her seat belt and lifted her out of the chair. She was still breathing.

“Miss, can you hear me?”

She moved, and I called again.

“You’ve been in an accident. Can you hear me?”

Her eyes shot open. It was like looking into the chasms of the heavens.

“Where I am?” she said, slightly panicked.

“You’re on Earth,” I said.

“Earth? Are you from here?” she asked.

“Yes I am.”

She tried to sit up, but quickly grabbed her side.

“Take an easy, you’re injured. My car is just on the other side of the hill. I can take you to a hospital.”

“That won’t be necessary. Now, please, you must leave. They’ll be here soon.”

“Who will be here soon?”

“My people,” she said, pulling herself to her feet.

I stood up. At least let, me help you outside. She glared at me.

“I won’t hurt you. I promise.”

She put her arm over my shoulder, sending a melting sensation down my spine that nearly caused me to fall over. I helped her outside, just as a large shadow appeared over our heads. It was a massive ship. Only, I couldn’t see it. It appears that the aliens had some sort of cloaking system on their ship.

“I must go now,” she said.

“Wait, can’t you stay? I really want to know more!”

Just then a bright beam encapsulated the entire area around the spaceship and us. Everything started to float toward the sky, except for me.

“Can I at least know your name?!” I yelled into the heavens.

“Aurelia!” she yelled back.

And then I stood alone, in a field, next to a large hole in the ground. I got back in my car and drove home. However, my life will never be the same. Now, when I get in the car to go home from work, I tune into 84.7 listening into the silence for some sign of life.

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