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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Haunted Ghost Tours

“Hey! How are you?”

“I’m fine, Joseph. Why are you calling me so late?”

“Well, Jesse, I heard you we’re interested in going on a ghost tour bus, and decided that we would go tonight.”

“Listen. I told you I wasn’t interested in going.”

“What? Come on, it’ll be fun! Our whole group of friends are going.”

Jesse though for a minute. She really didn’t like the idea of feeling forced to do something that she was really skeptical of in the first place.

“Who’s gonna be there?”

“They’re already here! Johnny, Julia, Jessica, Jameson, all the Js.”

How they ever formed a friendship with only J names was always a mystery to Jesse, but she did have a huge crush on Jameson.

“Alright, fine. I’m in. Where are we meeting?”

“Look outside you doof. The bus is here and ready to pick you up!”

Joseph hung up. Jesse looked outside. A black eerie bus was parked in front of her house. All of her friends were laughing and taking selfies in front of the ghost bus logo: “Haunted Ghost Tours” followed by the subtitle: “Do You Believe?”

Jesse didn’t believe in ghosts. In fact, she was sure the whole adventure was just some cheap way for someone else to make money off of gullible teenagers, apparently like all of her friends. She grabbed a jacket and yelled down the hall.

“Mom, I’m going out the with Js we’ll be back later!”

Jesse walked outside, and suddenly began to feel nervous. Like, what if she never saw her mom again? She shook away the thought, because, after all, she didn’t believe in what they were about to do.

“Jesse! So glad you could make it!” Joseph said.

“Thanks for inviting me,” she said rather reluctantly, for she felt like, even if she had said no, they would’ve burst through her bedroom door and kidnapped her on this adventure anyway.

“Wwwelcome aboard fffriends, my name is Igor and I wwwill be your ggguide this eeevening.”

It took every bit of Jesse’s self-control to not bust up laughing. This supposed “Igor” was dressed like he was a host of the Haunted Mansion at Disney. His dark suit, clearly fake stutter, and unnatural shoulder hunch really sold the childishness of the situation for Jesse. The rest of the Js were all frightened. Ooohing and ahhhing in the back seats.

“Our fffirst stop wwwill be Dr. Thimbault’s Smart Haunted Hhhouse, built in 1894 by Dr. Arthur Thimbault but was abandoned by his fffamily during World Wwwar II. After a mysterious murder case, the attraction has been ssshutdown, but some say you can still hear the screams of the dddead coming from the inside,” said Igor.

The bus stopped, allowing the group to get out.

“I hear that the boy who died here was never identified and that was like 6 years ago,” said Julia.

“It’s a shame, this haunted house would’ve been sick! Right Jesse?” asked Jameson.

“Umm, yeah. Right,” said Jesse.

She walked over to the gated driveway and looked at the dilapidating mansion. The yard was overgrown, but there were still remnants of yellow police tape waving in the autumn breeze. Jesse perked her ear toward the house. Although she didn’t believe in “hearing the screams of the d-d-dead,” she did believe in the terrible murder that happened inside the mansion. That was enough to freak her out, and she returned to the spook bus.

In the back of the bus, her friends we’re telling ghost stories that they heard from someone who had heard it from someone. They mentioned possessions, spiritual appearances, and a specific bridge where if you put your car in neutral it wouldn’t roll forward but would actually be pushed backwards.

“Sssuicide Bridge,” Igor interrupted. “The rumors you’ve heard are tttrue. There is a bbbridge that is haunted by many ssspirits. It’s called Suicide Bridge and it’s our nnnext stop.”

Jesse stepped out of the bus and onto the bridge. A sudden chill slipped down her spine, and she started to feel nervous.

“Hey, Igor, how many people have died here?” Jesse asked.

“Mmmore than I can count. They sssay that the spirits linger here to try and stop pppeople from jjjumping off the bridge, but many say ttthat all the spirits dddo is scare people into jjjumping.”

Jesse looked over the edge of the bridge, it was at least a 150-foot drop. She could feel the hairs on her neck begin to stand, as if something was beckoning her down below. Then, she found herself speaking.

“No, I won’t come down there.”

“Who you talking to Jesse?” Joseph asked.

Startled, she turned around. “No one. I mean, nothing.”

The side of the bus mocked her as if to say, “Do you believe now?”

“Guys! Jesse is making a connection with something!” Joseph yelled.

“No, I’m not!” Jesse countered. “Let’s just get back on the bus okay?”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, Jesse,” said Jameson.

Part of her wished that Jameson’s comment would’ve made her feel better, but it didn’t.

“Well, I’m getting back on the bus. Can we leave now Igor?” Jesse said.

There was a nervous look in Igor’s eyes.

“Yyyes, everyone back on the bbbus.”

“But Igor, we want to see something cool happen!” said Johnny.

Jesse sat down waiting for everyone else to get on. She looked up into the rearview mirror, which reflected Igor’s face. He looked back at her and shrugged. Then, his face went pale. He was looking in front of the bus.

“Everyone back on the bus now!” he yelled, without a stutter.

The group of Js outside groaned.

Jesse stood up from her seat and looked out the window. About fifty feet in front of them stood a man in a dark trench coat, with large metal wired glasses. His fashion was definitely not from this century. A chill returned to Jesse’s spine.

“No seriously guys, come now!” Jesse called.

She was in a panic, something about this figure was unnatural. Then, as if inside of her head, she heard a whisper.

“Why won’t you join us down below?” it said.

The group ran back inside the bus, and Jesse found herself screaming.

“Get out of my head!”

Igor slammed on the gas taking off toward the figure, who now stood in the middle of the road.
“Igor! Watch out there’s someone there!” Jessica said.

Igor didn’t flinch, his eyes were wide and his face was even more pale than before.
“What’s wrong with Jesse?” Jameson asked.

Jesse had stood up. She was walking towards the front doors of the moving bus, the figure was rapidly approaching.

“Brace yourselves!” Igor yelled.

As if all time slowed down, the bus ran into the spectacled man. But the man didn’t move, he passed straight through the bus, grabbing towards the group of Js. Everyone screamed.

They looked behind them so see the man vanish as they left the bridge. Meanwhile, Jesse had collapsed on the floor in the front of the bus.

“Are you okay?” Jameson asked her.

“I think so. I would like to go home now, please,” she said.

“I agree,” said Igor. “It’s probably best that we call it a night.”

They returned to Jesse’s home, and Jameson escorted her to the doorway.

“You were pretty brave tonight.”

“Thanks, Jameson, but I didn’t feel brave.”

“Maybe next time we could hang out, just the two of us?” he asked.

“I’d like that.”

She blushed and quietly walked inside, but Jesse didn’t sleep much that night. Every time she closed her eyes, all she could hear was, “Why didn’t you join us down there?”

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