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Monday, October 1, 2018

The School Haunting

How long have I been out? I mean Mr. Itzel is a boring teacher, along with physics, but how come I didn’t hear the bell ring? Why didn’t anyone wake me up?

I got up out of my desk to find that the room was completely empty. When I looked out the classroom door the school was even more empty. It was night and the school was eerily quiet. I had never been on campus at night before but I’d heard about what happened to kids who snuck in after hours. 

But this was an accident. I didn’t purposely stay into the night. I figured it’d be best if I just left and when home. I mean, it’s not like it’s hard to leave if you’re accidentally at school late at night.

Why haven’t my parents come looking for me?

I was walking down the hall towards the front doors, when all of a sudden a dark figure stood there blocking my way.

“Who’s there?” I said, holding my chest from the shock.

The figure started mumbling to himself but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Then, he started moving towards me. Slowly, one step after another, he moved. He picked up the pace, and my heart exploded. 

I turned around, hitting my shoulder on a locker that was left open in the hall. Holding the painful spot, I lunged myself into the gymnasium. Scared, hurt, and panicked I looked for another way out of the school. The doors on the other side of the gym would lead to the other side of the school and provide that escape. I ran toward the door, never sure how close the figure was. 

The figure was fast. He appeared in front of every door, right before I got there. I was trapped. 

I backed up slowly into the center of the gym, as the figure approached me. I looked around at the empty benches but nobody was there. I was alone in fighting this colossal beast. Then, I heard a slight chanting sound.

“Joey, Joey” the voice repeated increasing in tempo. 

The figure moved closer, and I prepared to fight until I could fight no more. Then, his mumbling became clearer. The chanting was coming from him. 

“Joey, Joey,” he said.

“What do you want from me?” I cried. 

“Joey. Class is over.”

“Huh?” I said rubbing my eyes.

It was Mr. Itzel. The bell had just rang and my classmates were filing out of the room. I escaped this time, but that is why you don't go into the school after hours. 

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